Products sold use 'first-pay-first-serve' where the product you ordered can be purchased by another customer before you make a payment. Your order will be automatically canceled if payment is not made within 24 hours. Orders can be made directly on the website with the following 6 easy steps:

  1. Select the product, size and color available then click 'Add to cart'
  2. Click 'My cart' icon on top right screen and make sure your order is correct then click 'Checkout' button on the bottom
  3. Then enter a correct contact, email and shipping address, Click 'Continue to shipping'
  4. Select the available Shipping options then click 'Continue to payment'. *If there is no shipping options that means you put the wrong address, correct your address first.
  5. Choose a Payment Method then click 'Pay now'
  6. After clicking 'Pay now' you will get your order details

To track an order with a receipt number, you can go through this link. You can check the email we sent containing shipping information.


To make it easier for you to shop, we provide several payment options.

1. Payments By Xendit

We recommend that you pay using the Xendit payment method, you can pay automatically using various bank virtual accounts, using various e-wallets, credit cards, QRIS, etc.

Payment confirmation is done automatically by the system so you no longer need to do manual confirmation.

2. Bank Transfer (Manual Confirmation)

Payments will be verified manually by our team within 1x24 hours. If after 1x24 hours you do not make a payment, LOGO DE CORPS has the right to cancel the order.

Make a payment by transfer to one of the LOGO DE CORPS accounts, as follows:


BCA: 4380 100 300

MANDIRI: 1320 088 990 00

(You can make payments through other banks and additional fees will be charged according to each bank's policy)
(a) IMPORTANT: The nominal amount of the transfer MUST match the Total Payment (up to the last digit, no rounding). Please note, the last 3 digits of your Total Payment are the Order Code that you will use for Payment Confirmation.
(b) Confirm payment if you have made a payment to avoid automatic cancellation by the system and speed up your order process.

**Make sure you make payments within 1x24 hours to avoid automatic cancellation by the system.


Your order cannot be canceled or replaced if you have already made a payment because we will process it automatically. Make sure the product you ordered again before making a payment.